License FAQs

You can find your license key online by logging in to the account that you used to purchase your license.

(If you have not received your license key email after purchasing your license, it may be in your Junk/Spam folder)

You don’t need one. FlashBack Pro will automatically download a trial license for you when you run it for the first time. Just click the Continue Trial button to get going.


The exception to this is if you are using a PC that does not have an internet connection. For an offline license key, please contact our Support team.

Either your license is still registered to previous computer or hardware changes made to your computer have made it appear like it is a different computer and created a duplicate registration.


Please login to the account that you used to purchase your license and go to the Your Licences – Purchase and Trials page. You can use the Manage License Usage option to Remove the previous computer registration. Your license key will then be available for use again.

If you have logged in to the account that you used to purchase your license and used the Block option on the Manage License Usage, pop-up, that will permanently ban the blocked PC from using the license. 


Please contact our Support team to unban the PC.

Most likely, your license key has just been entered incorrectly.


If you typed it in, try copy and pasting it instead (make sure not to include any empty spaces at the start or end)

If your PC is offline from the internet, please contact our Support team to request an offline license key.


If your PC is connected to the internet, it may just be temporary problem so try again in a few minutes. If the problem continues, it may be because your firewall is blocking FlashBack, in which case you will need to add an exception to your firewall for FlashBack and its licence server at

Still looking for answers? Visit our Help Center or Contact Support.