Make engaging tutorials with a simple, powerful screen recorder.

Record your PC screen. Create compelling videos and presentations. Easily share your movies and view on any device.

The easy to use screen recorder

Record any part of your screen to make a movie


FlashBack screen recorder captures any part of your PC screen and turns it into a video file.

Draw on your screen, add notes and images


Draw on your screen, add notes and images and easily edit your movie to make it look professional.

Easily share movies with friends and colleagues


Export your movie in any major video format, or upload straight to YouTube or FlashBack Connect.

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Powerful screen recording features

Record a window or region

Record a window or region

Record audio from mic/speakers

Record audio from mic/speakers

Record from webcam

Record from webcam

Save movies to all major formats

Save to all major formats

Scheduled screen recordings

Scheduled recordings

Record multiple monitors simultaneously

Record multiple monitors

High performance recording

High performance recording

Upload movies to Youtube

Upload to Youtube

Add watermarks to your videos

Add watermarks

How can a screen recorder help you?

At Home

  • Record gaming sessions
  • Record video webchats with friends

Powerful enhancements

Create engaging movies by adding text, sound and images to your screen recording. Flashback screen recorder’s powerful editing tools create polished presentations.
FlashBack creates polished presentations
Frame editing

- Erase mistakes, remove/add pauses.
- Edit with confidence - undo multiple changes at any time

Audio editing

- Edit audio tracks side by side.
- Synchronize sound with video


- Add callouts and text
- Add images, sound, blur effects, highlights and more


- Add interactive buttons to control movie playback
- Share movies online. Keep interactive features with FlashBack Connect
- Save interactive movies to Flash

Focus on the action

- Zoom into any part of the recording  
- Auto-track the mouse to keep the action in view


- Add start and end titles to your movie in seconds.

Zoom into any part of the recording

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Simple to use. Powerful features.