About Blueberry

Blueberry Software is an innovative software publishing company based in the United Kingdom. Our goal is to design software that makes advanced technology easy to use and create tools that really improve the way you work.


Blueberry began in 1997 as “Blueberry Consultants”, a bespoke development company producing tailor-made software projects. After years of success and growth, it was decided a new division of the company should be formed using our strong technical skills to build quality software products.


In summer 2003, Blueberry Software was created and released the first version of FlashBack (formerly BB FlashBack).


Another sister company, Blueberry Health, specialises in the development of effective and innovative software solutions for the healthcare sector.


Blueberry Software is run by a team is of inventive and technical individuals who use their skills in programming, management, design, and support to produce and maintain the products you see online today. We specialize in screen recording and video, as shown by the FlashBack screen recorder product family. We also have expertise in creating collaborative solutions using network and web technologies.


Our mission to create quality software solution

s continues, following our belief that software should be:

  • Easy to use.
  • Technically sound.
  • Subject to continual improvement.
  • Improved in response to user feedback.
  • Backed up by responsive technical support.

We welcome feedback and opinions, so contact us with any thoughts on our products or website.