Onboarding and Training

Get everyone up to speed quickly. Make onboarding, training, and support videos that can be watched on any device, anywhere, without having to call on additional resources.

Set them up for success
The more support and training that your new employees get early on, the more happy and productive they will be. With FlashBack screen recorder, you can make personal, interactive videos that clearly show how your company’s systems and processes work.   

Give them top training
Providing training is an ongoing thing if you want your staff to stay on top of their game, and your customers to stay on top of your products. Whether your team or customer base is local or spread across the globe, training videos make it easy for people to watch when they want to, wherever they may be.   

Provide super support
There are some things that are easier to show than to explain when it comes to issues or questions that either staff or customers (or both) run into frequently. Use FlashBack screen recorder to save everyone time by making them into easy-to-follow videos.  

Webcasts, webinars, and web conferences
Whatever you call it, webcasts are a great way to learn and interact without leaving your desk. Running a webcast that you want to make available to your team later on? Want to make it into a useful online resource? Going to miss one? Record it with FlashBack.