Real-time error recording

A new way to catch and report bugs

Take guesswork out of troubleshooting by recording software errors as they happen. FlashBack Rewind continually records your PC screen, capturing intermittent bugs on video to share with Developers and IT Support.

Who uses FlashBack Rewind?

FlashBack Rewind is for anyone wanting to streamline their error reporting process. Testers and end-users can now easily highlight software issues to help developers and support to quickly resolve. Rewind saves time and money in Software Testing, IT Support (between staff and IT departments) and Product Sales, when released with software as a support channel.

FlashBack Rewind is great for...

IT support
IT Support

Reduce frustration between users and support teams by installing on internal PCs to enable rapid problem communication. Configure ‘cloud settings’ for quick issue reporting.

Software Testing

Install FlashBack Rewind for QA/Testing staff. It’s now easy for them to save bug recordings and screenshots - and get a link that can be pasted into your existing reporting system.

Supporting your Own Product

Get bug report movies from your end users. Distribute FlashBack Rewind to run on end-user PCs alongside your own desktop application and use cloud settings to dynamically update a configuration to suit each customer.

Share errors in three easy steps

runs discretely

Install FlashBack Rewind on your PC. It runs continuously in the background, recording everything that appears on your screen.

simple error Capture

If something goes wrong, simply hit the ‘Send Report’ button for quick-reporting or the ‘Review’ button to review and edit first.

send to support

Manually send your error to IT support or developers. Set Rewind to automatically share to our FlashBack Connect cloud hosting.

Powerful reporting/editing features

Always recording

FlashBack Rewind runs quietly  in the background, ready to help catch those hard to find bugs.

Multiple screenshots
Multiple screens

Record screens across multiple monitors, or limit capturing to a single monitor.

API reporting
API Reporting

Integrate FlashBack Rewind with your own products and systems to automate error reports.

Video Editing
Video Editing

Review and annotate your recordings to highlight erors or hide key areas.

Easy sharing
Easy Sharing

Multiple sharing options include integrated easy saving to cloud or locally in various formats.

Customized GUI
Customized GUI

Comprehensive customization allows for configuration to best suit your staff or customers and streamline reporting.

Save your error reports anywhere

FlashBack Rewind integrates with our FlashBack Connect cloud host. Upload videos for support to watch or share through a URL link. Also, save movies locally on your own PC.

Automatically send recordings to support

Let FlashBack Rewind take care of automatically sending error reports to support through the cloud or by sending a local file. Choose to also send optional supporting files to highlight the error.

Capture bugs, resolve errors - here’s how

We’re almost ready for you!

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