SDK - Changes history

v3.0.0.281 (2016-11-15)
Added a possibility to select a sound source using a device unique id.

v3.0.0.279 (2016-09-27)
Fixed FBPlayer for MPEG FBR files.

v3.0.0.278 (2016-09-16)
Fixed problems with the fade effect.

v3.0.0.267 (2016-02-18)
Added SoundVolume property for FBPlayer component.

v3.0.0.266 (2015-12-15)
Fixed mouse cursor highlight circle.

v3.0.0.262 (2015-12-03)
Fixed mouse cursor highlights for the movies with no built in highlight images.

v3.0.0.262 (2015-11-23)
Export entire movie.

v3.0.0.261 (2015-11-11)
Fixed insert/delete frames problem.

v3.0.0.260 (2015-10-30)
Fixed a memory problem for images code.

v3.0.0.259 (2015-10-21)
Fixed Insert Frames functionality for MPEG mode movies.

v3.0.0.256 (2015-08-26)
Added speed up feature for FBPlayer and for the EXE export.

v3.0.0.255 (2015-08-20)
Added PlaybackSpeed property for FBExportToExeParams and for FBPlayer classes.

v3.0.0.254 (2015-07-07)
Added DrawPausewImage property for FBExportToMP4Params object.

v3.0.0.253 (2015-06-16)
Added MovieCompressionLevel property for FBEditor object.

v3.0.0.252 (2015-06-09)
Fixed licence issue for exports.

v3.0.0.251 (2015-05-19)
Fixed FBRecorder.SetRecordingRegionPosition method.

v3.0.0.250 (2015-05-05)
Fixed AV in FBMovie.DeleteFramesAndSound method.

v3.0.0.249 (2015-04-27)
Added milliseconds for mouse log.

v3.0.0.248 (2015-03-24)
Added TextBoxes serialization/deserialization.

v3.0.0.247 (2015-02-23)
Fixed XML format for ExportMouseLog method.

v3.0.0.246 (2015-02-17)
Added new FBEditor method: ExportMouseLog.

v3.0.0.245 – 19 Jan 2015
Added new FBEditor methods: ExportKeyLogExt and DisplayKeyLogDialogExt.

v3.0.0.244 – 4 Dec 2014
Fixed KeyLog export.

v3.0.0.243 – 3 Dec 2014
Fixed Windows XP compatibility problems.

v3.0.0.242 – 17 Nov 2014
Help updated.

v3.0.0.241 – 22 Oct 2014
Version 3 includes:

  • Blur effects to mask out sensitive information
  • Buttons objects can be added that enable jumps to different points in the movie or opening of URLs
  • Add fade transitions to movies that can be used to cover up the sudden joins created by combining movies together
  • Insert video files into movies
  • Audio processing functions: noise removal, volume compression and normalization to even out volume in movies
  • Add Watermark images
  • Export to GIF format to create files that are easily embedded in webpages
  • Crop movies down to smaller dimensions
  • Autoscroll cropped movies to keep the mouse in view
v2.0.0.239 – 16 Sep 2013
Changes for FBO Upload.

v2.0.0.238 – 12 Sep 2013
Changes for FBO Upload.

v2.0.0.237 – 17 July 2013
Added FBPlayer.HideFullscreenButton property. – 17 Dec 2012
Fixes for the H264 export, FBEditor progressor events, RegionFromHWND method. – 29 Nov 2012
Fixed a problem with the events arguments incompatibility between SDK and VS 2010. – 21 Nov 2012
Added properties and methods: FBPlayer.FramesWatched, FBPLayer.ResetFramesWatched, FBExportToMP4Params.MP4Codec, FBExportToMP4Params.AllowStreaming – 1 Oct 2012
Fixed several issues with the frames encoding. – 7 Aug 2012
Fixed a visual problem due to the HideWebCamButton property. – 24 Jul 2012
Added HideWebCamButton property for FBPlayer component. – 16 Jun 2012
Enabled internal cache in FBPlayer when keyframes exist in the movie.
Enabled values greater than 1000 for FBRecorder.KeyFramesFrequence property. – 11 Jun 2012
Fixed keyframes issues. – 24 May 2012
Updated libav dlls. Fixed a problem with the unplugged/disabled sound device. – 23 May 2012
Removed debug info. – 11 May 2012
Fixed the internal problem with the frames. – 10 May 2012
Fixed mouse cursor position after the driver method calls.
Fixed a problem with the driver initialization under Windows 7. – 7 Mar 2012
Added SetMousePointerVisibility method. – 16 Feb 2012
Fixed a problem with the multiple access to the export configuration files. – 8 Feb 2012
A fix for the sound recording inside the RDP session. – 31 Jan 2012
Help updates. – 9 Dec 2011
FBExportToMP4Params: new property – FreeScaling. – 8 Dec 2011
FBExportToFLVParams: new property – AlignIfPadded. – 1 Dec 2011
FBExportToFLVParams: new bool properties – ScaleToPercents and Padding4px. – 23 Nov 2011
SDK Recorder: fixed a problem with the accented letters. – 24 Oct 2011
SDK Editor: added ExportSound and ShowMousePointer properties for FBExportToAVIParams, FBExportToFLVParams, FBExportToiPODParams, FBExportToMP4Params, FBExportToQuickTimeParams, FBExportToWMVParams classes. – 21 Oct 2011
Removed a support for IObjectSafety interface. – 13 Oct 2011
Fixed a hang problem in the sound layer code, removed dependence from the libavencoder.dll. – 9 Sep 2011
Fixed the problem with the position of the Ellipse Highlight for the FBPlayer object.
Fixed Webcam recording. Added the possibility to recover the movie after the recorder crash (VS 2010 C# Player Recorder sample).
Recorder OnError event is fired if DX surface has been lost. – 22 Aug 2011
Fixed the problem with the movie dimensions for the export to MP4 operation. – 9 Aug 2011
Fixed a problem with layered windows on multi monitor systems. – 27 Jul 2011
InsertMovie method may accept -1 as FrameNum argument. – 26 Jul 2011
WebCam code fix. New method SetRecordingRegionPosition for the recorder. – 14 Jun 2011
Added UseNewSoundFormat property. Sound recorder thread priority has been set to high. – 29 Apr 2011
Memory usage optimization, added ‘EventsDataBufferSize’ property for the player object. – 20 Apr 2011
Fixed sound format in the recorder, added DeleteFramesAndSound method for the editor, install driver from the sdk location. – 5 Apr 2011
Additional export option: MP4. – 9 Mar 2011
Added new libavcodec files for Articulate installer script.
Added ExportSounds property for SWF export. – 28 Feb 2011
FLV encoder fix. – 17 Jan 2011
Player: fixed resize problem.
Recorder: sound fix for Citrix sessions.
Micro Player: watermarks fix.
Recorder: compatibility fixes.
Editor: fixed a problem with LogSys. – 17 Nov 2010
Licence modules updated. – 14 Oct 2010
Editor: fixed: there was a crash when trying to load a movie file with no extension. – 4 Oct 2010
Recorder: fixed DX mode for non standard screen resolutions. – 17 Sep 2010
Editor: added a possibility to insert images from HBITMAP.
Fixed the return value for Movie.Save method.
Recorder: changed GetSoundMute/Volume to do not change value if the line doesn’t exist. Fixed AnsiString class for VC++.
Editor: fixed a problem with the SWF batch export when the export dimensions other than the original.
Micro Player: improved file assoc logic. – 30 Aug 2010
Fixed a problem for the movies with very large dimensions.
Added FBR format 2.5 to SaveAsUsingFormat method.
Added two command line parameters for Micro Player – “+au” and “-au”.
The first is to setup file assoc in the user’s key and the second to remove it.
Fixed a problem in the MicroPlayer with the volume for mpeg2 sound tracks. – 12 Aug 2010
Improved the code for loading cursors.
Editor: CreateMovie method added. – 5 Aug 2010
Added twolame.dll for SDK installers. New sound tracks format from FB.
FBRecorder properties added:
bool UseLowColorDepth;
int LowColorDepth – can be 3 (1 bit per channel), 6 (2 bits per channel), 9 (3), 12 (4), 15 (5), 18 (6), 21(7) or 24;
float FramesPerSec – a user can set set fractional values like 0.1 what means 1 frame per 10 seconds.
Low color depth recording implemented.
MicroPlayer: ability to open FBRs from SDK build 167. – 4 Aug 2010
Fixed a problem with FBR compatibility from SDK 167.
Help updated. – 30 Jul 2010
Recorder: fixed a problem with runtime license for SDK by VS 2005.
Player: new property ‘bool DisablePopupMenu’.
SDK VistaCoreSoundAPIWrap dll doesn’t use BBLogSystem. – 13 Jul 2010
Editor: fixed problems with the insert video as webcam and with the save selected frames as a new movie for mpeg movies.
SDK Recorder: fixed a problem when recording inside RDP TS and a client has two monitors. – 9 Jul 2010
Fix for TBItmap when assigning a handle in the GetLatestCursor method. – 28 Jun 2010
SDK Editor: added FBBatchExportToSWFParams class for swf batch export params.
Added the new methods for FBMovie class: PrepareSWFBatchExport, IsSWFBatchExportReady, SWFBatchExport. – 16 Jun 2010
SDK FBPlayer: added MuteSound property.
SDK Recorder: fix for windows/process record mode, mouse movements fix, SaveAndContinue and PauseAndSave deadlock fix. – 15 Jun 2010
Licensing modules updated.
SDK Recorder: fixed a problem with mouse/keyboard events for SaveAndContinue and PauseAndSave methods. – 11 Jun 2010
Recorder: fixed a small problem in SaveAndContinue method.
MicroPlayer: sizeall mouse cursor for webcam object.
Micro Player: inverse highlight.
Micro Player: fixed a problem with libavcodec. – 26 May 2010
ApplyEffects fixes for VS2003-VS2010 C#, VB SDK samples.
SDK Editor: hid the help link on ZoomPan options dialog.
Micro Player: fixed a problem with autoscroll, 100% scale and fixed window size.
Micro Player: fixed a problem with unpause video when clicked in webcam. – 4 May 2010
Micro Player: added MovieSpeed property. – 19 Mar 2010
Added GetCursorAsHandle for FBFrames class.
SDK Micro Player: fixed a problem with CopyCurrentFrameBitmap. – 26 Feb 2010
C++ FB Recorder samples (VS 6.0 2003 2005 2008 2010) – recording several monitors at once. – 15 Feb 2010
SDK dlls updated. – 12 Feb 2010
Licensing modules updated.
Fixed the problem with WMV export appeared in the recent builds.
Multi-monitor recording.
Runtime packages usage disabled in BCB samples.
Editor: Help buttons hidden. – 08 Feb 2010
Added ExportToSWFParams.AS3 property.
Micro Player: fixed a problem with full screen mode on startup. – 05 Feb 2010
More SDK samples added. – 18 Jan 2010
More SDK samples added. – 13 Jan 2010 Micro Player: fixed a problem with multiple sound tracks.
Micro Player: fixed a problem with pause image with button. – 29 Dec 2009
CodeGear samples added.
Micro Player: a problem with mouse clicks & highlight has been resolved. – 09 Dec 2009
Licence modules updated ( – 03 Dec 2009
Licensing modules updated.
Added logs for WinAPI file operations.
Micro Player: initial mouse position fix, pause image for button fix, click to continue fix.
vdisk code: additional FileExists checks. – 04 Nov 2009
Licensing modules updated: version info displayed on the registration form, fixed the overlapping problem with ‘Confirmation Code’ label).
Changed interval of qt export quality to 1..100
FBQTLibrary.dll updated.
vdisk: messagebox is displayed if vdisk couldn’t be created.
Additional information for vdisk added to help to restore it.
More logs for vdisk added.
Micro Player: a problem with text box display time has been fixed, highlight image has been fixed. – 29 Oct 2009
Fixed the problem with PIP-noPIP modes for WebCam in the player program.
DelayBeforeStart property added for FBRecorder. – 22 Oct 2009
Fixed sliders in webcam test window. – 20 Oct 2009
Removed internal compress function from vdisk.
Added a code to drvinstaller to remove driver files on uninstall.
Fixed a problem in vdisk when compressed file has length=0.
Fixed a problem with mouse clicks in Micro Player.
Added additional logs for SDK recorder. Hide MPEG option for FB Recorder. – 14 Sep 2009
Fixed a problem with incorrect color in the paddings for FLV+SWF export.
Changed 0-compression level back in order to be compatible with the previous versions. – 25 Aug 2009
Fixed initialisation problem with the new drawing code.
Added support for MPEG4 in FB Editor, so the movie can be recorded as MPEG4 frames in Boost mode and played back and edited by the editor.
Removed duplicated modes in WebCam formats (Both VIDEOINFO and VIDEOINFO2 contain the same information).
Fixed vdisk compatibility problem with old versions. – 7 Aug 2009
Added CustomSoundTrackMaxInterval property for sdk recorder.
The new licence modules used.
Fixed a problem with fps<1 for sdk recorder. – 24 Jul 2009
Changed custom sound tracks behaviour for custom sound track in SDK recorder.
One more fix for amin/qmax values – in quality mode the minimum qmin is 1, qmax = qmin+1.
Fixed a problem with flv export when quality is 100% (qmin=qmax=1).
Added support for variable keyframes in the libavcodec stub dll. Changed default bitrate to 1500 for flv export. – 9 Jul 2009
Changed result value for AddSoundTrack method.
Added AddSoundBlockByPointer method for SDK recorder. – 30 Jun 2009
SoundInput API demo added into vs 2005 c# recorder sample.
Added sound input level for SDK. – 3 Jun 2009
Fixed a problem in SaveAndContinue method – the whole screen was not captured after this call. – 20 May 2009
Fixed: Mouse highlight is displayed as blue square in SWF export on some screens.
Fixed: Mouse highlight disappears completely in player when second screen is active.
A major cause of corruption during edits seems to have been resolved.
Fixed: Movie title not saved correctly.
Some SWF issues fixed.
Fixed a bug with odd screen sizes causing recorder crash.
ScaleMode property added into IFBExportToSWFParams. – 14 May 2009
Fixed a problem with a non-standard display resolution for FB Recorder.
Added vdisk info for FBR in SDK.
Fixed a problem with ‘fit to window’ in SDK micro player. – 1 May 2009
Fixed a problem with delayed release in .Net for SDK in QT export.
SWF Controls: scaling option, pause on click, show pause overlay features implemented in single swf templates. – 30 Apr 2009
Fixed a problem in the RGB->YUV converter for QT export.
Fixed a problem when recompressed block is larger for vdisk.
Licence modules used. – 24 Apr 2009
Added sound support for fbr2mp4 converter.
VS2005 cs editor sample: Flv export options dialog implemented.
OutputSizeX, OutputSizeY properties implemented for FBExportToFLVParams COM interface.
Added UseLibavcodec property for FBEditor, qmin, qmax and UseQMinQMax properties for export to flv params, logging flv parameters and sdk version. – 20 Apr 2009
OutputSizePercentXFloat, OutputSizePercentYFloat properties implemented in FBExportToAVIParams, TFBExportToWMVParamsImpl, FBExportToQuickTimeParamsImpl.
Licensing modules used.
Fullscreen fix for MicroPlayer. – 9 Apr 2009
The new sdk licence modules used. – 3 Apr 2009
GetSDKVersion method added, returns SDK version.

GetVersion method added for Recorder and Player ocx controls, returns the file version of the module. – 26 Mar 2009
Fixed bug with HRCheck error message in ConverToIPod.
ConvertToiPod VS2003 VB.NET sample added. – 25 Mar 2009
Added IsConvertToiPodSupported property for SDK editor.
Added FBQTLibrary.dll for SDK installer.
SDK: added FBExportToQuickTimeParams class, CanExportToQuickTime for FBEditor class, ExportToQuickTime and ExportFramesToQuickTime for FBMovie class.
Fixed quality interval for FLV and AVI in SDK export.
‘Highlight’ feature added into Micro Player.
Added FLVBitrate property for FLV export params in SDK. – 16 Mar 2009
Convert short file names to long in the fix registry function.
Fixed a problem with FBR when file size limit was used.
Fixed metadata, tags and timestamps order in the FLV.
Added three dlls in the SDK installer for FLV.
Fixed recorder problem for 16bit screen color depth.
Fixed windows recording problem (corrupted movie after pause) – 3 Mar 2009
Fixed ZoomPan info for start-end frames for SWF export.
CaptureLayeredWindows property for FBRecorder object. – 23 Feb 2009
SDK: fixed: bitsCount and CompressLevel SDK properties don’t have effect. – 20 Feb 2009
Improved WebCam performance for edit operations, hided Configure Format button for upload profiles. – 17 Feb 2009
Added RGB->YUV422 converter for QuickTime export in order to preserve real colors.
the new SdkReg library used.
the bug with ShowFBLogo parameter in Flash export fixed. – 11 Feb 2009
Added ‘ExportZoomPanInfo’ property for FBExportToSwfParams object.
All the frames that zoom starts and finishes written in a comma delimited string on the first frame.
Added ExportZoomPanInfo property for FBExportToSwfParams object.
Fixed a problem with ZOOM in MicroPlayer when switch back from full screen mode. – 5 Feb 2009
fixed a problem with mouse clicks highlight in MicroPlayer.
Fixed sync problem in the recorder for driver mode. – 30 Jan 2009
Flash export: each frame with changed ZoomPan region contains ActionScript code like: ZoomPan_XPos = 10.0;ZoomPan_YPos = 26.0;ZoomPan_Width = 867.0;ZoomPan_Height = 900.0.
Restored full screen button in microplayer, fixed a problem after resize in microplayer.
Fixed a problem with recording speed in the SDK.
Fixed a problem with the driver under Win2k. – 29 Jan 2009
SingleSwf property added into editor COM class. VS2003cs sample added demonstrating the feature.
ShowMousePointer ptoperty added for FBExportToSWFParams class.
Events are accurate in the recorder using Compatibility Mode, added logs for ResourceUnit, avencoder is compatible with our FLV decoder. – 20 Jan 2009
Fixed a problem with micro player build due to libavcodec changes.
CurDesync property added into Recorder.
OutputSizeX, OutputSizeY, OutputSizePercentXFloat, OutputSizePercentYFloat, ScaleToPercents properties implemented for Editor COM library.
Fixed ‘pause in bitmap mode’ bug. – 19 Jan 2009
Fixed SetSoundSorce problem in VS2005 recorder sample.
SDK Help – adds FBEditor:GetVersion, FBFrames:GetCursorBitmapHandle, FBEditor:UndoSpace. Updates FBRecorder class, FBEditor class, start and end batch operation, ApplyEffects.
Microplayer: ApplyEffects supported.
added exe export into vs2003 editor sample.
Export Zoom / Pan bug fixed.
Fixed AV problem in FBQTLibrary.dll.
Added logging into the FBQTLibrary.dll
IE only recorder version – fixed a problem with windows with WS_EX_TOOLWINDOW style.
New versions of SDKReg.exe and UpdateModule.dll used.
Fixed a problem with import WMV->WebCam (when vdisk already contains webcam files).
Changed RecordIE key for Acc version to Processes key in order to record several processes, fixed a bug with sound in Micro Player (MP hangs up sometimes), improved Micro Player usability – switching between different zoom modes is smoother.
changes into the SDK FBRecorder due to unicode changes for filenames.
Fixed fadein and fadeout problem for TExt Boxed in Micro Player.
Changes into the SDK FBEditor due to unicode changes for filenames in the editor.
Fixed a problem with GDI handles for only IE ACC version.
Fixed a problem on recording stop (since we have implemented dynamic UNDO).
Added SaveAs for vdisk using unicode.
Added GetCursorBitmapHandle for FBFrames SDK object.
Dynamic FitToWindow in Micro Player.
Added Fit To Window option for EXE export.
Fixed the bug with opening files with JP characters in the names.
Added FLV Bitmap mode for SDK recorder.
New feature – record only IE windows but only for Compatibility Mode.
Added unicode support for filenames.
Added ASF to FBR converter project.
Added version check for QT.
Fixed a problem with the driver when a display is switched off.
Fixed several problems in Micro Player – invalid buttons for ZoomPan+Clipping, a bug on closing file with sound track.
VS2008 sample added.
Added YUY2toRGB converter class.
Fixed a problem in VCPlayer for XP D3D.
Added Scaling option for export to EXE.
Added FBGDIBitmap class for SDK Editor.
Fixed the problem (_ASSERTE: C:\Program Files\Borland\CBuilder6\include\atl\atlcom.h) crashing vs2003 cs editor sample.
Added the option to show Flash export dialog in UI.
Editor dll: fixed AVE bug at flash export.
VS2005 c# sample: more Flash export features, exception handling added.
fixed: successful message was shown when export failed due to an exception.
Added the sample of ExportFramesSequencesToSWF into VS2003 sample.
Fixed bug in ExportFramesSequencesToSWF.
The temp files appearing after ExportFramesSequencesToSWF removed.
ShowPausedOverlay, PauseByClickingOnMovie, StartingPlaybackMode flash options added.
Fixed highlight+clip bug in Micro Player.
Added inverse highlight for Micro Player, fixed jump to highlight object.
Added HighlightMouseClicks property for FBPlayer object.
Added a special check in the SDK recorder for PauseAndSave method.
Added Micro Player langs folder for SDK.
SWF FLV: white rectangle depends on the control bar position.
Implemented a toggleable WebCam button for Micro Player.
Fixed Width/Height proportions for AVI export, added warning message for DivX profiles.
Added GetRealTimeZone method for both SDK Editor and Player, added support for D3D for SDK Player.
Fixed a problem with FBFrames.GetAction
Added GetFrameRealTime and GotoFrameRealTime for FBPlayer
Fixed a problem with highlights in the VCPlayer.
Fixed: the call of GetFrameAction API from .NET failed.
Fixed a problem with SDK empty sound.
Changed XXXDesktopRegion to XXXRecordRegion.
Added the new property ApplyAffects for FBEditor class. User can set it to true to display actual frame images or to false to display green rectangles.
Added DistributeTextBoxes method for FBTextBoxes class.
StartBatchOperations and EndBatchOperations added for FBEditor, MixAndExtractSoundsFrames for FBSounds, GetZoomPanRect for FBEditor.
Fixed a problem with DeleteZoomPan.
OnCurrentFrameChanged event implemented in ocx player.
Added two methods – SetDesktopRegion and GetDesktopRegion for SDK Recorder.
Bug fixed: OnPause event wasn’t generated.
FBExportParams.HTMLTemplate might be used as file path to the template.
New frames structure for Micro Player added.
The new parameters for exe export added:
DisableUserInterface – disables all english texts and menus;
Language – allows to select a desired language for EXE. All languages are stored in separate files in theMicroPlayerLangs subfolder. The main file is ‘original.txt’ – it contains original texts. It should be never removed. These files are in UNICODE encoding.
Fixed a problem with FBExportToFLV class.
Added UseOldAVI10Format property for AVI export params class.
Export to exe and flv added into VS2005 c# editor sample.
Added FBCursorHighlightProps COM object.
GetDefaultFLVParams method added.
Implemented fit to window in fullscreen mode for VCPlayer.
GetDefaultEXEParams method added.
Changed ImportFLV method name.
Fixed a problem in the multi-level undo at the vdisk level.
Added HighlightCursor property for FBEditor class.
AVI import new properties.
Added additional LOCK for FlushOpenedFiles.
Fixed redraw problem in fb editor VS2005 c++ sample.
Recorder sound sync fix, markers list fix in micro player, micro player fullscreen mode fix.
Console debug output commented and misprint fixed in VS2005 c# editor.
A source with the index 0 shown as default sound source in the list in VS2005 c# recorder sample.
SDK Recorder FPS value saved in the recorded movie.
Fixed: the SDK recorded extra sound in the case of record, pause, and stop without unpausing.
OnProgressorEventEx handler sample added.
NoLicence exception handler added into VS editor samples.
ZoomPan rect – only height and width can be changed in the SDK to keep the proportions.
Changed HighlightMouseClicks behaviour. SDK help updated. New properties for SDK sound clips added.
Fixed player and recorder dll versions, included runtime licence in samples, PauseAndSave fix, removed debug dialogs.
Fixed a problem with memory fragmentation.
Removed debug lines from recorder, added two editor methods – ExportFramesSequencesToSWF, DrawCurrentFrame
SaveAndContinue fix. Additional files were included in the installation package.
Samples update.
Additional sound GUI for C# sample. Export sound tracks fix. Import non-standard WAV files fix.
Fixed sound problem under Vista. Removed unnecessary files in samples.
DirectX mode fix.
Fixed Export2FLV, Vista PCSounds+Microphone fix, added ID parameter for progressor. Export2SWF + WebCam fix.
Disabled DirectDraw on Windows Vista. Sound fix for FBPlayer class, new sound clips on Windows Vista.
Samples fixes, FBLog fix, InsertSound fix.
Samples fixes, FBEditor fixes.
Samples fixes, fixed bb capture driver initialization code.
Fixed a problem with old sound tracks in the FBPlayer. Aded transition effect for Images.
Zoom/pan fix, TextBox transition.
FBPlayer zoom/pan support, installer fix, updated help.
XP signed driver, FBEditor FitToWindow and CustomMovieSize features, editor flash export fix.
Vista signed driver, wav sound with compression fix, sample fixies.
Vista properties for recorder were renamed.
Recorder: pause/stop problem, xp/vista sound support, OnError event.
Editor: export mixed tracks, fixed zoom/pan, markers fix.
Fixed a problem with Pause in driver mode.
Fixed InsertMovie method.
Fixed a problem with Pause in driver mode.