Web conferences – also called webinars or webcasts – provide a way to present information in an interactive manner to a group of individuals.

They are great for increasing business productivity, offering presentations to clients and business partners, holding online training, or for sharing computer applications all online.

Webinars allow thousands of people to ‘attend’ at any one time, and unlike conventional real-world conferences, the cost is a fraction of what it would be if you had to arrange a venue, seating space etc to bring a large number of people together in one place.
FlashBack screen recorder can make a permanent recording of a webcast which you can play back later – capturing both the PC sound and microphone at the same time – to show everything that happened, including your own contributions to the discussion. 
Export the recording into a format most convenient to you, for sharing internally with colleagues or publishing to the Web.

FlashBack Makes It Easy
Record exactly what you see and hear on your PC, including your own contributions to the webinar.

Record A Webinar ‘Live’, As It’s Performed On A PC
FlashBack employs unique screen recorder technology to capture your desktop at high frame rates with minimal impact on PC performance, so it won’t interfere with your viewing of the presentation.

It can also record a commentary through a microphone, and sounds made by the PC, to catch the complete performance.

Create Online Sales Resource
Make your webcast recording into a permanent sales or marketing resource that can be accessed online by yourself, employees or customers at any time.
FlashBack screen recorder makes publishing on the internet easy:

  • It exports to Flash, QuickTime and Windows Media Video (WMV) formats, which ‘stream’ to users, to give a better browsing experience over slower connections.
  • Full playback controls and loading indicators in Flash exports.
  • Flash exports include a web-ready HTML file you can use to get the movie online fast.

Try FlashBack Free
Download the free trial now and see for yourself how FlashBack screen recorder simplifies the process of making a complete screencast recording of your webinar.