How to Train and Onboard New Employees

How to Train and Onboard New Employees

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HR departments benefit hugely from pre-recorded employee training videos, as do newly hired team members. Employee training videos save time and resources, allowing new hires to be onboarded at any time without having to wait to do it in pools at once with an in-person instructor. With employee onboarding and training software from the FlashBack screen recorder, your business gains the advantage of being able to create videos and update them when needed quickly.

The Advantages of Video Training and Onboarding

Employee onboarding is an essential investment in the success of your team and business. But there are many challenges for HR departments today, including the fast pace of business, competition, and a more dispersed workforce thanks to the rise in remote working. Keeping the training and onboarding process as smooth as possible will strengthen the chance of new employees getting the headstart and support they need.
In-person training and onboarding is the most inefficient way to give employees that smooth start. To make it more cost-effective, HR departments must schedule in-person training and onboarding when there is a large pool of new hires. But in-person training and onboarding in this way have many limitations. One of those limitations is the unpredictability of the future. A new hire may have a valid emergency for not being able to attend, and instructors themselves may miss some of the pertinent information that training and onboarding are supposed to cover. Employee training videos solve all of these problems and more.
Employee training videos will give a whole new dimension to how your business trains and onboards new hires. All of the information that needs to be communicated to employees can be put into video format and updated over time – human errors of in-person methods are eliminated. New team members can receive training and onboarding individually at no additional cost to your business and do it from home.
Videos are also a more engaging way to learn new information. Many people turn to platforms like YouTube for tutorials and DIY projects because they find the information more transparent and entertaining than text-based learning methods. Videos also allow employees to learn at their own pace – pausing, rewinding, reviewing – and retain that information better than in-person instruction.

Producing Videos is Easy With a Screen Recorder

The assumption that it will cost more money and time holds businesses and their HR departments back from producing employee training videos. And that is true when using many methods of filming and editing. You can spend thousands of dollars on a production team who will shoot a film and put it together in a professional-looking training video. But, you can do it all in-house for less money, less time, and without any prior technical experience or knowledge with the FlashBack screen recorder.

FlashBack screen recorder was designed to solve many business needs, including as an easy-to-use, advanced employee onboarding and training software. Anyone can use its intuitive editing features with AI assistance, and capturing images and video is done with any PC screen or webcam. Your finished employee training videos can then be uploaded in many popular formats and shared to platforms like YouTube or streamed on your website.

We have two screen recorders: FlashBack Express and FlashBack Pro. FlashBack Express is a free screen recorder with many powerful editing features that allows you to upload in a standard MP4 format. Our FlashBack Pro unlocks the full editing suite to produce standout employee training videos that can be uploaded in several forms. Whichever employee onboarding and training software you choose, your videos will be the professional and engaging quality you’d expect if made by a specialized production team at a much higher cost.

  • Record anywhere – FlashBack employee onboarding and training software lets you record easily from any PC screen – smartphone, tablet, computer, webcam, etc. You can also record audio from your device’s built-in microphone. You can record multiple screens in modes such as area, fullscreen, or window. You can do picture-in-picture and many other things to make highly engaging and informative employee training videos.
  • Powerful editing features – Both the FlashBack Express and FlashBack Pro screen recorder have fantastic editing capabilities. FlashBack Pro employee onboarding and training software have the full editing features to make the best video possible. This includes the full suite of multi-track editing features and the ability to add blurs and transitions. With the FlashBack Express and FlashBack Pro screen recorder, you can add commentary and narration to your videos and captions, arrows, and highlights to bring your employees’ focus on important topics.
  • Upload and share – The FlashBack Pro screen recorder allows you to save and export your video in almost any format, including MP4, AVI, GIF, and many others. The FlashBack employee onboarding and training software make uploading your video easy. Quickly upload it to platforms like YouTube or your website, and share it in seconds with almost anyone with a PC screen.

Features of Great Training and Onboarding Videos

Training employees is highly technical, but onboarding probably leans more towards an artform. That means there are more nuances involved with conversation and personalization with onboarding that aims to accomplish two primary goals: making new employees feel welcome and imparting important information about the company and its culture.

Share Your Excitement And Passion When Onboarding New Employees

Some things need to be communicated about what the company expects from its new employees and what employees can expect from their new job. Onboarding videos will outline what exactly it is the company does, what its mission is, and what its values are. Pre-recorded videos are a great way to say it all succinctly without missing anything, but the danger is losing some of the personalization that comes with in-person onboarding.


But that shouldn’t worry most HR departments. Most businesses go out of their way to interact personally with their new employees, and video onboarding methods are merely a supplement with plenty of benefits. When making your onboarding video, you should try to make it as personal and welcoming as possible. Onboarding is an excellent time to motivate your new employees by highlighting the great culture and how easy it will be for new hires to assimilate.


One study even showed that nearly 70% of new employees are likelier to stick around longer if their onboarding was a great experience. When you begin filming your onboarding video, be sure that the speaker sounds excited about the company and its new employees. The high turnover costs in most businesses should be all the motivation needed to use this time to get new hires excited for their future.

Interviews With Co-Workers And Management

Bring more personalization and a sense of welcoming to your employee onboarding videos with interviews. A new hire can see the most substantial part of your business – its people – and get the impression that your company values new team members.


To make your onboarding videos stand out to new employees with interviews, highlight how hard work and dedication will pay off at your company. You can interview current employees who have moved up in the ranks because of perseverance and a strong work ethic. You can also showcase employees who have faced challenges in life and overcome them with the support they have received at work.


One of the most common ways to personalize onboarding videos through interviews is by having top executives and CEOs virtually welcome new hires. This presents the impression to new employees that the entire company is one team and that every unit from the head down is valued as making the body function as a whole.

Provide A Virtual Tour Of The Workplace

Most people are understandably nervous about starting a new job. There is a lot of stress about meeting new people and immersing yourself in a new culture and environment. Video will help alleviate some of that pressure, and giving a virtual tour of the workplace is a great way to give employees an idea of what to expect on their first day.


Even if you are onboarding new employees working remotely, giving them an inside view of the office and co-workers gives them a sense of attachment. When filming, highlight all the best places at work and showcase the friendly faces. Make sure you are using good lighting so the workplace looks inviting.

Be Clear And Engaging In Training Videos

Using videos to train employees has several benefits – all of which can be enhanced if you follow some best practices. Keeping videos clear and to the point without unnecessary “fluff” speeds up the training process and helps keep your new employees engaged while watching.


The great thing about employee training videos is that you don’t have to worry about not covering everything. In-person training has that flaw because trainers may forget to say something or not have the time to cover everything in detail. You can follow a script with video and ensure that all information is communicated in the best way possible whenever it is watched.


Making your video with a screen recorder makes it much easier to update information as things change in your business. With the easy operability and power of the FlashBack screen recorder, you can trim old footage out and replace it with new clips or re-shoot another video entirely.


Keeping your new employees engaged with your video is essential to maximize their knowledge retention. But this is difficult to achieve if you don’t have the right tools. The FlashBack screen recorder is the solution. Video captured by our screen recorder renders images in HD and 4K for the most professional and appealing look possible. All of the great editing features allow you to produce videos with cinematic qualities that further enhance the engagement of your viewers. Add other things like music, sound effects, captions, arrows, commentary, and narration to keep your employees’ senses active throughout the learning process.

You Can Personalize Training Videos, Too!

A training video sounds to most people like the most boring way to spend their morning. Good employee training videos must provide technical information and facts, but training videos can also be personal and entertaining. One of the ways to do this is by producing a “Day in the Life” style of training video.


No matter the role a new employee will fill, chances are that other workers in your company are already doing the same or something similar. Using any PC screen – like a webcam or a smartphone – you can record an employee with the FlashBack screen recorder who does an exceptional job at the office or on the factory floor performing the day-to-day functions that the new employee will be doing. The personalization comes from the worker being recorded talking about their company experience while demonstrating processes and best practices.

Making High-Quality Training and Onboarding Videos is Easy With a Screen Recorder

The general guidelines and tips for making training and onboarding videos in this article are easier to do when you don’t have to spend time and resources on learning how to make videos in the first place. A screen recorder eliminates the need for expensive equipment because you can record from any PC screen. The editing features of the FlashBack employee onboarding and training software further simplify the process by allowing anyone with no prior experience to craft footage into a professional-looking video.


FlashBack Express is our free screen recorder that allows you to do it quickly without startup money. FlashBack Pro screen recorder has many powerful editing features that you won’t be able to find in another employee onboarding and training software at the same or lower price. Both are easy to use because of the intuitive AI that guides you through the editing process. People are every company’s greatest asset, so they need to focus on training and onboarding them efficiently and get them excited about their future at your company. Take that investment seriously by providing them with the best training and onboarding videos possible when you create them with the FlashBack screen recorder.