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Can FlashBack record in HD?

FlashBack can record at whatever quality your screen is capable of displaying, including HD or 4K qualities.

For example, if your screen is set to a 1920 x 1080 resolution and you record the fullscreen, the saved recording will also be 1920 x 1080, which is HD.

If only a region of the the same 1920 x 1080 screen is recorded, the saved recording will have a resolution that matches the size of the selected region. If that resolution is smaller than 1920 x 1080, it won’t be considered HD.

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How long can FlashBack record for?

There is no restriction on how long you can record for. 

In practice you are limited by the amount of free space on the drive where FlashBack creates temporary files. By default this is the drive that Windows is installed on, but you can move the location of the folder by opening BB FlashBack Recorder, going to Tools -> Options -> Misc and changing the setting there.

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What frame rates can I record at?

If you are using MPEG record mode, the maximum recording frame rate is capped at 30 fps.

For GDI record mode, there is no limit to the recording frame rate but we would not recommend going too high as it may put a lot of strain on your PC, which will reduce performance and actually make the saved recording look worse than if a lower frame rate was used.

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How large will my recorded file be?

The size of the saved file while depend on a number of factors so it is difficult to accurately predict how large it will be until your actually save it.

The key factors are:

  • How long you record for
  • The size of the area that you are recording – the larger the area, the larger the saved file will be
  • Which record mode you have selected – MPEG record mode will generally produce smaller than GDI record mode, particularly when recording moving video
  • What sort of content you are recording. For example, is it a YouTube video or a static desktop? A recording with lots of changes will be much larger than a recording where very little changes on the screen.
  • What recording frame rate you selected – as frame rate is increased, so will the size of the file
  • If sound or a webcam recorded as well – these will both add to the file size compared to if they are not included.

Note – As of version 5.49, MPEG record mode will used for all recordings as GDI record mode is no longer available.

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Why is my fbr file so large?

Sometimes you might find that your saved FBR file is very large. This is most commonly caused by using GDI record mode. In particular, when using it to record moving video or video games.

Note – As of version 5.49, GDI record mode is no longer available and MPEG record mode will be used for all recordings, so the following only applies to recordings made with version 5.48 and earlier.

To create smaller FBR files, select ‘MPEG’ recording mode. Go to the Recorder settings window, the Record Mode tab and select the ‘I want to record moving video or games (MPEG mode)’ option.

A converter tool, which can convert GDI movies to smaller MPEG movies, can be downloaded from the following link: GDI2MpegConverter

To use the converter, extract the downloaded zip file to your FlashBack installation folder and then launch it using GDI2MpegConverter.exe. Select the file to be converted and enter a name for the converted file and then click the Convert button.

By converting to MPEG, the file size should be significantly reduced.

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How do I record web meetings in apps like Skype and Zoom?

When recording audio, your voice from the microphone is recorded separately to the other person’s voice, which comes from the PC audio.

To record both, enable the ‘Record PC Sounds’ and select an appropriate source (i.e. Default PC Speakers) to record what you hear and enable ‘Record Microphone’ and select your microphone source to record what you say.

You will want to see something like this:

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How do I select a region to record?

You will be prompted to select the region you want to record after you have clicked the Record button.

  1. Select Region in the Record option on the Recorder’s main window
  2. Click Record
  3. Click and drag the top left corner of the red frame to the correct position
  4. Select one of the preset region sizes on the Select Region window or click and drag any of the corers of edges of the frame to resize the region
  5. Click Record.
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Can I record from multiple monitors?

Yes. When you start recording with the Fullscreen option selected, you will see a list of all of the screens that are available. Simply tick the ones that you want to include in your recording. 

There is no limit to how many you can record but bear in mind that the more that you record from, the more strain it will put on your PC while FlashBack is recording. 

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Can I record from just a webcam?

If you have the webcam option enabled, you can chose to record only from the webcam with the screen being ignored.

  1. Enable ‘Record Webcam’ on the main Recorder window 
  2. Click Settings
  3. Go to the WebCam tab
  4. Enable the ‘Record only from webcam and not the screen‘ option

Note – Webcam only recordings will be saved as .flv files instead of .fbr files. This means that they cannot be opened in FlashBack Player. However, you can convert .flv files into .fbr files for editing in FlashBack via the Player’s Tools menu.

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Can I record just sound?

No, you must also record your screen as well.

However, if you only want the audio from your recording and you are using the Pro edition, you can export the audio to an mp3 file.

To export the audio:

  1. Go to the sound tracks at the bottom of the FlashBack Player window. At the left end of a sound track is its track name, like “PC Sounds” or “Microphone”
  2. Right click on the track name and select ‘Export Track to File’. 
  3. Enter the name and destination of the file and click Save.

Note – Only one sound track can be exported to each mp3 file so if you have multiple tracks that you would like to include together, you will first need to use the Merge Sound Tracks option in the Sound menu to merge them into a single track.

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Can FlashBack capture audio from ASIO drivers?

Versions of FlashBack 5 released since mid 2017 include an option to select an ASIO device as a source.

To enable recording from an ASIO devicet, go to Settings -> Sound and select the ASIO option:

Older versions of FlashBack cannot capture from ASIO devices

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Why doesn’t FlashBack continue recording while my PC is locked / asleep?

FlashBack simply records your desktop. When you lock your PC, your desktop is suspended so there is nothing for FlashBack to record.

Similarly, if you PC goes to sleep or if the screen saver activates, your desktop is suspended.

You can prevent either of these from happening by enabling the ‘Keep PC awake and disable the screensavers when recording’ option in the Misc tab of the Recorder’s Settings.

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