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Where can I find my license key?

If you log into your account, you can find your license key on the Your Licences – Purchases and Trials page.

FlashBack Pro 5 licence owners will find two license keys displayed – one for FlashBack Pro 5 and one for FlashBack Connect, our movie-hosting platform where you can share your recordings online.

 To register your app, make sure it is the FlashBack Pro 5 license key that you copy and paste into the app.

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My license does not work

Usually the cause of a license not being accepted is that it has already been registered on as many PCs as it allows. (Sometimes this will be because an existing PC has been upgraded, which can make it appear to be a different PC)

If enough of the existing PCs are unregistered (or out of date registrations for upgraded PCs removed), then the license can be used again. 

You can manage where your license is registered by doing the following:

  1. Login to your account at 
  2. Go to the Your Licenses – Purchases and Trials page
  3. Click the Manage Licence Usage option next to the license your want to manage
  4. Use the Remove option to unregister unwanted PCs.

If you have not used all of the available registrations for your license, it could also be because you do not have the correct version installed or that Flashback is unable to contact the license server to verify your license key.

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Why is my license blocked?

You can block specific PCs from using a license by logging into your account and then using the Manage Licence Usage option on the Your Licences – Purchases and Trials page.

When a PC is blocked from using a license, it is a permanent ban so if you just want to unregister the license from a PC, it is best to just use the Remove option instead.

If you have blocked a PC by mistake, contact us to get the block removed.

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I’ve not received a license key

When you purchase FlashBack Pro, you should receive your key email within a few seconds, but occasionally emails can take longer or be redirected to your Spam/Junk folder where you never see them.

If you’ve been waiting for more than 10 minutes for the key, try this:

  1. Check your spam folder. We try to make sure our mails aren’t picked up as spam, but it can happen.
  2. Log into your account at to find your license key on the Your Licenses – Purchases and Trials page.


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FlashBack cannot contact the license server

Sometimes this can be due to temporary internet conditions so trying again a few minutes later might work.

However, the most likely cause is that your PC’s firewall is blocking FlashBack. Check your firewall settings and add an exception for FlashBack and the license server at if needed.

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How can we move a license to a different PC?

Our license server tracks how many PCs are using a license. If you try to use a license on more PCs than you’ve purchased, it won’t work, and you’ll see a message indicating it is already it use.

If you plan to move to a new PC, we recommend you uninstall FlashBack first as this will release the license from the old PC and make it available for re-use on your new PC. We also suggest you do this when upgrading to a newer version of Windows or changing hardware within your PC.

If you need to move a license from a PC that can no longer be used (the PC no longer works or has already been reformatted, for example), you can login to your account and use the Manage Licence Usage option on the Your Licences – Purchases and Trials page to remove the old PC.

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I purchased a Pro license. Why do I still see the watermark?

When you run FlashBack Pro for the first time, it will automatically download a trial license. If you see the watermark, that trial license is stilll being used and needs to be replaced with your full license.

When you start FlashBack while it is using a trial license, a pop-up will appear which tells you how many days are remaining on your trial. Click the ‘Enter full license key…’ option on that pop-up and enter the new licence key that you will have received by email.

(If you simply upgrade the trial license, that change will automatically be applied when you next start FlashBack so there is no need to enter a license key)

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Why is my license not accepted after a Windows upgrade/update?

Occasionally upgrading to Windows 10 or installing a major Windows 10 update can make it appear like you are using a new PC.

If you have already used all of your allowed registrations, your license key will then be rejected, even though it is the same PC.

If that happens, login to your account and go to the Your Licenses – Purchases and Trials page. You can use the Manage Licence Usage option to Remove the old registration for your PC. Your license should then be accepted.

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Why is my trial license key for FlashBack Pro rejected?

FlashBack Pro does not require you to manually enter a license key to begin your trial – it will simply download one for you when you run either the Recorder or the Player for the first time.

Just click the Continue Trial button to get started with the trial that has been downloaded for you.

Note – If you try to enter a different trial license after one has already been downloaded, it will not be accepted because you can only have one trial license per PC.

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Can I change to a different Pro license?

You can change which Pro license you have registered in your app by doing the following:

  1. Start either the Recorder or the Player
  2. Open the Help menu
  3. Select About FlashBack Pro 5
  4. Click ‘Change license’
  5. Enter the new license key.
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