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Can I remove the “Made by FlashBack” watermark?

This watermark is displayed when you are using any trial version of FlashBack.

It is not actually part of the movie so if you open recordings made using a FlashBack trial in a full version of FlashBack, the watermark will not appear on the recording.

So, if you record a movie using a trial licence and then purchase a full licence, you do not need to re-record your movie to remove the watermark – it will automatically disappear.

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Why is the frame rate of my exported file so low?

By default, exported videos will use the same frame rate as the original recording. They can never have a higher frame rate but it can be set to be lower.

If the Full Frame Rate option was not selected in the Frame Rate section of the export options, a lower frame rate than the original recording will be used used.

Exporting with Full Frame Rate selected will correct this.

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Can I save my recording as an MP4 or other video format?

The Recorder app will save all recordings as our .fbr format.

You can then export .fbr files to a selection of popular video formats, including .mp4, from the Player app:

  1. Open the saved recording in the Player
  2. Open the FIle menu
  3. Click Export
  4. Select which format your want to export to (available formats will depend on which edition of FlashBack you are using).
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Why is a download required when I export to MP4?

The first time you export to MP4 using the default settings, FlashBack will download the openh264 codec.

Generally speaking, this codec will give better results than the MS Media Foundation codec that is included in Windows but, for licensing reasons, it must be downloaded separately – we are not permitted to include it within the initital Flashback installation.

In most cases, it should just take a couple of seconds to complete the download. No further downloads will be required in the future.

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Why is the image quality poor in my exported file?

There can be two causes for this:

  • Your video player program is not displaying the exported file at the correct size, making it appear blurred. 

    Make sure your video player is displaying it at the original 100% size, not scaled up to fit the window.

  • You may have exported the recording at a lower resolution than the original file.

    When selecting the export settings in FlashBack, make sure the ‘Scale to:’ setting is set to 100%.
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My AVI export is low quality

The avi codec that you select can make a big difference to the quality of the exported avi file (and also the size of the file).

We recommend using the Xvid codec, which must be installed separately and is available from

The Xvid codec produces a good image quality at relatively small file sizes.

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