Say More With Video

Improve communication and boost business productivity by sending video to get your message across, no matter where you are. 


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Use Video To Improve Communication

Spend less time writing emails by getting your point across fast with video.
Video tutorials are the most effective way to explain to how to use a product, fix a problem, or accomplish a task.
Sales Demos
Show, don’t tell. Make effective video presentations that demonstrate your product or service.
Bug Reports
Use a screen recorder to create instant software bug reports to help solve issues quickly.
Video Calls

Record video meetings for when someone can’t attend or for training employees

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All-In-One Screen Recorder And Editor

FlashBack has all the essential tools to make quality business videos

Fast Recording
Capture your webcam and high quality video of your entire screen or any selected region.
Capture Audio
Record your microphone to add a commentary and audio from your PC’s desktop.
Setup pre-scheduled recordings with ease, great for capturing live-streamed events and webinars.
Video Editing
Cut and trim video footage with ease using FlashBack’s multi-track editing tools.
Add captions, images and highlights to catch the attention of your audience.
Share And Export

Easily share your video online or export the file in all the major formats. 

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Use Video To Engage Students

Creating Tutorials, how-to guides or demonstrations of software and apps

Introduce new topics and different concepts through personalised teaching video. 

Recording video calls and conferences​

Add music, narration and photos to grab students’ attention and keep them engaged.


Understand System Errors

Store and share lessons online so students always have access to the video content wherever they are.