FlashBack FAQs


My license does not work

Usually the cause of a license not being accepted is that it has already been registered on as many PCs as it allows. (Sometimes this will be because an existing PC has been upgraded, which can make it appear to be a different PC)

Why is my license blocked?

You can block specific PCs from using a license by logging into your account and then using the Manage Licence Usage option on the Your Licences – Purchases and Trials page.

I’ve not received a license key

When you purchase FlashBack Pro, you should receive your key email within a few seconds, but occasionally emails can take longer or be redirected to your Spam/Junk folder where you never see them.

How can we move a license to a different PC?

Our license server tracks how many PCs are using a license. If you try to use a license on more PCs than you’ve purchased, it won’t work, and you’ll see a message indicating it is already it use.

FlashBack (formerly BB FlashBack) is a Blueberry Software Product