UPDATE We've changed our name. FlashBack is the new name for BB FlashBack

Make engaging tutorials with a simple, powerful screen recorder.

Record your PC screen and create compelling videos and presentations.
Easily share your movies with friends and colleagues, viewed on any device
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The easy to use screen recorder

The FlashBack screen recorder captures high frame rate, high quality movies without a high-spec PC. Start and stop recording at set times - suitable for capturing online events and webinars. Make an appearance with a picture-in-picture webcam video, record a commentary, take notes while recording and add them to the movie as text boxes to view and edit later.

clock.pngScheduled recordings
record-home.pngRecords continuously
skype.pngRecords webcam, speakers and mic


Some of our customers

"Every version of FlashBack has real improvements both in speed and in functionality. Save yourselves the time and frustration associated with other tools."

Jeff White
CEO, Newbos

FlashBack does exactly what you said it would, is reasonably priced and very intuitive to use.
Well done

Dr. Wm. J. Garland
McMaster University

Edit and fine-tune

Take your tutorials and presentations to the next level with the most powerful editing functions of any screen recorder.


Erase mistakes, remove or add pauses. FlashBack lets you edit with confidence.

Audio editing

Edit audio tracks side by side with video, synchronize sound with images easily.

Clean up sound

Background noise? Inconsistent volume levels? FlashBack can fix it.


Add start and end titles to your movie - it just takes a few seconds.

Powerful enhancements

Create engaging movies by adding text, sound, and images to your screen recording. FlashBack screen recorder’s powerful editing tools create polished presentations.

Interactive features


Your viewers get the message by adding text boxes, highlights, images, watermarks, interactive buttons, and more. Customize their appearance, and add fade effects.

Zoom and pan


The easy-to-use zoom & pan feature lets you focus on any part of the movie, ensuring your audience won’t miss a thing. Crop to only show a window or region of your screen recording.



Choose a transition effect to seamlessly blend the join between scenes from your screen recording. FlashBack can automatically add them when you insert one movie into another.

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Save and share videos

FlashBack Connect lets users easily share screen recordings while preserving interactive movie features.

Invite friends or colleagues to view your work, see who looks at it, track their progress. Also, upload movies to YouTube, get the URL and share it.

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How can a screen recorder help you?


Flipping the classroom
Promote active learning through interactive videos for students to study outside of class. Creating movies with our screen recorder is easy. Use it to flip your classroom, freeing up in-person class time when the teacher is present for deeper learning experiences, such as interactive workshops. Teachers have more time in class to help students progress by explaining difficult concepts. Learn more about FlashBack in education.
Teach at home
Your lessons can be accessible for remote or absent students. FlashBack Connect, our sharing platform, allows you to invite students to view videos, see who watches and track progress.
Interactive tools
Add links, buttons, and images to customize lessons. Use FlashBack’s crop, pan, and zoom features to highlight your movie’s content and edit out mistakes, fast and easy.


Get your point across
Use our screen recorder to create engaging videos for colleagues from error reporting if things go wrong at a computer workstation, to creating and distributing screen recordings for employee training - without having to call on additional company resources. Powerful editing functions help make polished tutorials and presentations.
Make movies for clients
FlashBack helps create high quality videos to share with clients for viewing on any device. A movie can turn difficult to visualize concepts into something they can understand and remember. Create sales and marketing resources that can be accessed online by yourself or customers at any time.
Eliminate the need to repeat employee training sessions by creating in-house help/training videos. Find out more
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Record high frame rate,
high-quality movies.


Add interactive annotations, export movies in WMV and QuickTime.


Includes audio and video editing, EXE export and zoom and pan effects.
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