Guide to Recording Webinars

Guide to Recording Webinars

Women presenting a webinar.

Screen recording software is the easiest way to record a webinar, assuming you are using screen recording for webinar software from Flashback


The ease of use and advanced features of the Flashback Screen Recorder makes it by far the best webinar software. Read on to learn more about using Flashback to record your next webinar and some valuable tips and tricks to allow you and your audience to get the most out of it.

Webinar Software – Who It's For and Why You Need It

Webinars are events hosted by organizations to be viewed by many people. Webinar software is a tool for hosting these events, whether seminars, presentations, meetings, or other similar online events. Webinar software is available from several companies and can be downloaded and installed onto a computer or streamed through the developer’s site.  

But even the best webinar software can be challenging to use. The challenge is primarily due to how a webinar software’s dashboard works. The dashboard is where the organizer or host of the online event can create a new webinar, edit the people who can/cannot attend, and build automated emails to send out to past or new participants. However, not all webinar software platforms have the same features in their dashboard. Managing webinars can be difficult without the necessary tools, such as a way to number the attendees at the least. When looking for the best webinar software for your needs, comparing what each offer is essential.

One of the best examples of who needs webinar software is businesses that want analyzable data for a new product rollout. The best webinar software can track many metrics, and audiences can be polled during live events. Polls can generate valuable insights from the feedback harvested. You can incorporate webinar software into your overall marketing strategy. Detailed analytics and information about attendants to your webinar can be used in email and promotional campaigns. You can do further research by analyzing other engagement features like chats available on some webinar software platforms. 

Webinar software is also handy to showcase sales demos, generate new leads, and vet them for their qualification. Several customers can be provided support at once through the right webinar software. If the videos are stored, large groups of people can be educated, too – even on their own time. Businesses also value using webinar software for internal communications and within their human resources departments – most notably for training and onboarding processes. Webinar software provides a professional landscape for information sharing at every level of an organization. 

By looking at some of the ways companies and individuals get the most out of webinars, you can understand how filming them through screen recording software applies more advantages. This article will highlight some of them, including product demos, sales presentations, training and onboarding, and others under the educational category.

How to Record a Webinar

The two main reasons someone would want to learn how to record a webinar are sharing with others or saving for personal reference. Screen recording software is the fastest and easiest way to preserve an excellent webinar. And if you want to ensure that the image is high definition and that you have access to powerful editing features to enhance it further, the FlashBack Screen Recorder is the best option on the market today.

Our two most popular screen recorders are the free FlashBack Express and the paid FlashBack Pro. Both have a simple-to-use design but fantastic editing capabilities. The Pro version unlocks the full suite of editing features, but what you want to do with your recorder webinar, in the end, will dictate which is the suitable screen recorder for you.

FlashBack Express

Screen recording allows you to share quick clips or make engaging videos. You can capture Webinars from any PC screen, and the intuitive editing features of FlashBack Express will enable you to refine your finished videos fast.

The process is remarkably easy: 

With FlashBack Express, you can record anything from your PC screen; this includes images on your desktop, websites, and video calls. You can also capture data from your webcam and mic. Any device or format that you have access to a webinar from, you can record it with the push of a button.

The FlashBack Express screen recorder also comes with more powerful editing features than you would expect from a free version of anything! You will be able to edit your videos easily. There is a wide range of parts in our demo FlashBack Express for free screen recording, though you can unlock our full editing suite with a Pro Screen Recorder purchase. You can utilize the FlashBack Express screen recorder for making clips and refining footage and other useful educational tools such as adding captions and arrows to highlight important aspects of your recorded webinar.

When sharing your webinar captured with the FlashBack Express screen recording software, you can export it saved as an MP4 or quickly upload it directly to YouTube. However, this may be a little limiting, and you have many more exporting options when you purchase the FlashBack Pro version. 

Go Pro

With the FlashBack Pro and its enhanced screen recording and editing capabilities, you’ll be able to improve the viewing experience of the recorded webinar for you and others. Our robust FlashBack Pro offers several fast and easy-to-use controls for editing. 

You can record anywhere from any PC or mobile device in Area, Fullscreen, and Window modes and capture audio or add commentary and narration from your device’s microphone. Utilize our complete Multi-Track editing to put all of your audio and visual content together. Other impressive features of the FlashBack Pro version include: 


  • Beeldmateriaal bijsnijden en clips maken
  • Add captions, images, and highlights
  • Audio bewerken en muziek toevoegen
  • Inzoomen/uitzoomen en vervagen toevoegen
  • Overgangen toepassen
  • Video en muziek importeren

Communicating To Your Audience Via Webinar

Now that you know that the FlashBack Screen Recorder is the right tool for recording and sharing your webinars, all you need is advice on the webinars themselves. Webinars can be a more personal form of communication when marketing your brand or educating audiences. You can use some tips and tricks to maximize your audience’s engagement.

Include Visual Elements

That famous line in Jurassic Park about T-Rex’s vision being based on movement may have been entirely false, but there is something to take away from that with humans. Most people’s eyes are naturally drawn to action – ticket sales for Jurassic Park are proof – and adding visual elements to your webinar will surely attract more audience engagement. Adding visuals doesn’t mean that your webinar needs to feature dinosaur chases or shootouts, just that colors and graphics might be a good look.


The FlashBack Screen Recorder aids the visual appeal of your webinar. FlashBack Pro has several visual elements you can add through its vast array of editing features. All of our FlashBack products can capture images from a PC screen in high definition. 

Provide Live Chat as a Means of Engagement With Your Audience

Live chats during a webinar serve many valuable purposes. The audience can learn more from the webinar host and each other when they communicate directly. It’s also more fun, even after the webinar is over and others can read through the chat archives. When using screen recorder software to capture and share a webinar, you can use the features in FlashBack to also capture the chat room. 

To get the most out of the kind of engagement that a live chat can bring, you should also ask your audience questions, making them want to engage with you and the other attendees. Even asking simple questions, such as where attendees are watching from, their level of experience with the topic, and similar inquiries will positively affect the group experience.

Let Your Personality Shine!

Audiences can always tell when the speakers or host is being insincere. A webinar may primarily showcase a product or brand, but you are a valuable part of that, too. This is the time to glory in all of your good qualities and let the world see them. 


An excellent way to begin is by instilling trust for you in your audience. If you are an authority on the subject at hand, show it. If you aren’t, be sure that your presentation aims toward the features you are knowledgeable about. Confidence is vital to successful public speaking, but it must be within reason. You can also build a trusting relationship with your audience by sharing funny anecdotes that have happened to you. Just be sure that it can tie in somehow to why everyone is watching your webinar. 


Suppose your webinar software keeps registration records or the webinar is a small enough event. In that case, you can call your attendees by name to build a rapport and exude a gregarious personality. Your audience will feel more invested in staying until the end if they are welcomed in this way.

How to Record a Webinar and Generate Leads

Many businesses find webinar software and webinars themselves as valuable marketing tools. You can use Webinars effectively to give sales presentations and product demonstrations and ultimately generate leads. There is a term for it: Webinar Marketing.


In a nutshell, webinar marketing connects with a broader audience to promote your services or products and your brand identity. All of that valuable information mentioned above that the right webinar software can harvest lets you know who is interested in your product or service and can instill a want for them in your audience. 


The basic outline of a webinar in this manner is a presentation followed by a Q&A session. Audiences can digest more information thanks to the visual elements of webinars versus other mediums like email and text-based ads. It is a much more effective way of generating interest overall. 


What expert webinar marketing hosts know about this method is that the idea is always to be helpful. You will draw attendees to the event because you market it in the first place as being a solution to a problem. The initial presentation typically illustrates the issues and the difficulty in finding a solution. There are captivating promises made in the interim until the “big reveal” of a product or service fulfilling those promises and solves the problem. 


A screen recorder used to preserve the webinar has a few practical uses for your marketing campaign. It not only extends the reach of your webinar to a larger audience than initially attended it, but you can go back and highlight essential aspects or even add some that you missed the first time. The many editing features of the FlashBack Pro screen recorder will help make the point you intended.


FlashBack Pro lets you export your archived webinar and share it with a broader audience. While the free FlashBack Express screen recorder limits you to only saving as an MP4, FlashBack Pro allows you to export in that format and AVI, GIF, and many more. You also can quickly upload the video you have recorded and edited to YouTube. Virtually anyone with a PC screen will be able to view your webinar when exported through our FlashBack Pro screen recorder.

The FlashBack Screen Recorder: Advanced Features but Simple to Use

No technical skill or knowledge is needed to operate even our most advanced screen recorder – the FlashBack Pro. But that doesn’t mean those with a wealth of technical expertise won’t enjoy utilizing its many advanced capturing and editing features. Even the best webinar software used to host your online event won’t be complete without a way to record it and disseminate it to a broader audience. FlashBack can enhance it with valuable editing tools and powerful technology. Discover the best method on how to record a webinar and get the most out of it from your audience by using the FlashBack screen recorder.