8 Tips on Recording an Engaging Vlog

8 Tips on Recording an Engaging Vlog

Have you been struggling to grow your audience for your vlogging channel? Creating interesting videos on a highly competitive platform like YouTube can be challenging. YouTubers upload around 720,000 hours of content daily, which translates to roughly 30,000 new video uploads per hour. No wonder it’s difficult for new vloggers to stand out! Creating high-quality, engaging content is the key to creating unique vlogs and growing your viewers. Use these vlogging tips to create exciting videos that your audience won’t be able to look away from.

Choose a Niche You're Passionate About

The most important thing you can do when creating a vlog is to choose a subject matter that you love and are excited about. If you’re not passionate about the topic, it will show through in the way that you deliver your message— and no one wants to listen to someone who doesn’t care what they are saying.


Think about your interests, hobbies, skills, and talents. What do you enjoy doing? What makes your perspective unique? Your goal should be to create videos that no one else could make. For example, if you’re lactose intolerant but love cooking, you could center your vlog around dairy-free cooking and baking. By focusing on what makes you interesting and what you’re passionate about, you’re already on your way to producing engaging content.

Create a Script and Practice

Confidence is key to keeping your audience interested throughout your video. Before filming, create a script and practice. This can be a loose outline or a complete, word-for-word script, whichever method works better for you. But by having a better idea of what you want to say and the order you want to say it, you can ensure that you:

  • Won’t forget any crucial points
  • Come across as confident and knowledgable
  • Have enough information to fill your video

Invest in the Right Equipment

You need the right equipment to create a successful vlog and engage your audience. Here are some tips on what to look for:


While you don’t need to go with the most expensive option, make sure that it will do everything you need and more. Consider your budget if you’re working with one, but don’t be afraid of having too high of expectations when choosing a camera.

Again, don’t skimp on this piece of equipment! You want something that will pick up your voice clearly and accurately (no background noise). Look for one with windscreen covers so that outside noises won’t affect your recording quality either.


Tripod or Camera Stand:
This helps your equipment stay steady while recording. It also helps keep the audio clean, too.

Screen Recorder and Video Editor:
Editing is just as important as recording when making vlogs. You need quality software with many helpful features to add your creative spin to your videos and create a professional-looking finished product.

Offer Value to your Audience

If a vlogger is not providing value to their audience, then what’s the point? If you make a video for your channel, you need to give your audience something they can use. You want to present information in an exciting way that will keep them coming back for more. Education and entertainment are two of the main ways vlogs provide value. Here are some vlogging tips to keep your audience engaged:

  • Teach your viewers something new and helpful that they can apply to their own lives.
  • Leverage your expertise on a subject you have a lot of experience with or are very passionate about.
  • Add music, jokes, or commentary to entertain your audience– even if those aren’t your primary niche.

Be Ruthless With Your Cuts

Keep in mind that most people online have very short attention spans. Unless you already have a dedicated fanbase, your audience will not likely stick around for a 15-minute-long video. Plus, making your video engaging is easier when you only have a few minutes to fill. Keep your vlogs short– around five minutes– to make them more exciting.


To do this, you’ll need to learn how to be ruthless with your editing. Take the emotion out of filming and editing and really focus on value. With each segment, ask yourself what purpose it serves and how it contributes to making the vlog better. If the clip doesn’t add any value to the overall video, get rid of it. Approach your clips from an outside, third-person perspective. Would somebody who doesn’t know you personally find it interesting? Would it make sense to them? If not, cut it. Focus on creating a brief and simple video that you can make really great.

Add Music

One of the best ways to stand out from other vlogs is to use music. Music can help convey a theme for your vlog, create a mood, or help express your personality. The type of music you choose can also give viewers an idea of what they’re about to watch. For example, suppose you upload a video where you’re discussing your favorite book series and include classical music in the background. In that case, it signals that this will be an intellectual discussion. Or, if you have some pop songs playing while showing off new shoes or clothing items, then it indicates that these are high-energy videos designed for entertainment purposes rather than education or information.

Include an Interesting Intro and Outro

There are many ways to show off your personality, but one of the most popular is to start and end a video with an intro or outro that features you. This can be as simple as sitting down in front of the camera and saying hello or using a screen recorder and video editor to add a colorful graphic.

Edit Your Footage to Add Effects

  • Good editing is one of the best ways to make your videos more interesting to watch. Here are a few vlogging tips for editing that can take your clips to the next level:
  • Use a free screen recorder to add clips from video conferences, software tutorials, and more
  • Add animations and transitions between clips
  • Include text and titles to highlight important facts and phrases
  • Add intro, outro, and background music (when it makes sense)
  • Edit in voiceover recordings for shots that don’t center on you
  • Try out filters to give your videos a unique look

If you’re looking to create a vlog that is engaging and informative, these vlogging tips can help you get started. Remember that it takes practice and patience. You might not be an expert at first, but with time and effort, your skills will improve. With drive, passion, and the right equipment, your vlog will be successful in no time!


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