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7 Vlog Ideas for Beginners

How to record a YouTube video without a camera

Vlogging has been around for a long time, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. There are so many different types of vlogs out there, and you probably don’t know where to start. You might be wondering: How to record a youtube video? How do I even pick what to vlog about? Where do I start? What are easy vlog ideas? And how can I make something that people actually want to watch? Well, you’re in luck! We’ve collected some useful tips from the pros on making your first vlog a success—from deciding what content is right for your audience (and which isn’t) all the way to editing and promoting your finished product once it’s ready for prime time. 

How to Decide What to Vlog About

Before you begin your vlogging journey, it’s important to decide what you want to talk about. The first step is choosing an interesting and relevant topic and learning how to record a youtube video. That means asking yourself:

  • Is this something I am interested in?
  • Will this be relevant to my audience?
  • Has this been successful for other people doing the same thing? (It doesn’t matter if they are making money with it.)

Once you’ve decided on a topic, make sure that your business/life also aligns with it. If not, then maybe now isn’t the best time to start vlogging!

The Introduction Vlog

The introduction vlog is the most critical part of your channel. It’s what makes or breaks your audience from the beginning. A good introduction should give a brief history of vlogging and explain the different types of vlogs and why they’re important. From there, you’ll dive into giving your viewers an idea of what you’ll be doing in your videos. This can be as simple as saying, “Hey! Welcome to my channel where I’m going to talk about X,” which is what I did when I started my YouTube channel. In this case, it’s important that you have an intro video so people know whom they’re listening to and why they should care.


It also helps if you have some sort of hook at the beginning of your videos (like starting by talking about something that happened earlier today). If people like what they see in the first few seconds—which is likely since there are only two options: either love it or hate it—they’ll be more likely to stick around until the end!

The "Day in the Life" Vlog

The day in the life vlog is a perfect first-time vlog idea for beginners. It’s simple to start, inexpensive to produce, and doesn’t require much editing or post-production work. This is one of the great easy vlog ideas. Plus, it gives the audience an overview of what you’re like on a daily basis.


The day-in-the-life concept is pretty self-explanatory: You film yourself throughout your normal routine for one day and then edit together everything that happens into one video. To help with this process, try recording everything as you go along so you’ll have an idea of what to include in your final product (but don’t worry if something comes up later—you can always add it!).


One thing I love about this kind of content is its versatility: You can make anything from beauty tutorials showing off your makeup skills while walking through NYC streets; cooking videos featuring new recipes based on seasonal ingredients; or even fashion videos showing off outfits made with materials purchased at local thrift stores!

Behind-the-Scene Vlogs

Behind-the-scenes vlogs are great for showing the behind-the-scenes of your day-to-day life. They can also show your viewers what goes into creating your videos, a product, or a service you provide. You can show your viewers how you use your screen recorder and video editor. For example, if you have a blog, this is a great way to show what your day looks like when you get up and start writing. Or, if you have an Etsy shop where you sell handmade jewelry, a behind-the-scenes vlog of how you make that jewelry would give your viewers more insight into the process.

The How to Vlog

This is a type of informational vlog that lets you show off your unique skills. You can teach your audience something you’re passionate about or very good at. For example, if you’re a guitar player, this is a great way to show your audience how to play their favorite songs. Or if you’re an artist and have drawn something amazing, why not show people step by step how they can draw it too? A screen recorder and video editor can be very handy with this type. You can even edit in a voice-over. 

The Product Review Vlog

How to review products:

  • First, choose a product to review.
  • Then, research the best products in your field.
  • Next, set up the review by outlining what you want to cover and how you will present it to viewers. This can be helpful if you are new at vlogging and don’t feel confident in your ability to create good content on the fly (which is totally understandable!). It’s also important that every step of this process is well thought out so that viewers can get clear information. They’re looking to make informed decisions based on past experiences with similar products.
  • Presenting Your Review: After researching the perfect product for your audience, remember that presentation matters! Make sure that when filming begins, everything looks professional—from lighting, and sound quality, all the way down through wardrobe choices/makeup/hairstyles (or whatever else applies). Always keep these things in mind because it shows professionalism and attention to detail which creates trust between the viewer(s) and presenter(s). 

The Vacation Vlog

To start a vacation vlog, you’ll need to get your family camera ready. This can be a smartphone or any camera that allows you to record video and audio. You can also use those cameras with built-in tripods so that you don’t have to carry one around with the rest of your luggage.


You will also need editing software and an external hard drive to store all the footage from your trip. A screen recorder and video editor can be beneficial, especially with editing. You may also want some music to play in the background. Music is great during certain parts of your video, such as:

  • At night when everyone is sleeping
  • During breakfast time in the mornings 
  • When everyone is at home before going on their daily adventures together

The Lifestyle Vlog

A lifestyle vlog is a video blog that focuses on the daily lives of its creators. It usually consists of the following:

  • Traveling and exploring new places
  • Cooking and eating food
  • Going out with friends
  • Doing activities like going to festivals, attending concerts, or playing games


This list gives you a few different ways to approach a vlog. There are several different types of vlogs. Some are popular, some are easy to do, some are fun, and others can be profitable. We hope you found this list of vlog ideas helpful and inspiring. Contact us today to learn more about recording a vlog with screen recording software.

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