More than 2.6 billion people on this planet are active YouTube users. There are also over 51 million channels active on the platform as of 2022, and most of them are beginners like you trying to tap into that vast viewership potential. 


Learning how to record a YouTube video doesn’t need to be as hard as it sounds. An all-in-one screen recorder and video editor will eliminate the hassle. A screen recorder allows you to capture video and audio from a PC screen or webcam in HD and 4K. The FlashBack screen recorder has the most advanced and most accessible to use screen recorder and video editor software and can make your beginner’s foray look like it was done by a professional.


The FlashBack screen recorder and video editor not only eliminate all difficulties for how to record a YouTube video, but it can also be used to record almost any type of popular video you find on YouTube today. From vlogs to compilations, many of the best YouTube video ideas for beginners are also the easiest to make when using the FlashBack screen recorder. Here are seven types of those YouTube video ideas for beginners that, when done right, will help your channel get exposure to a more significant chunk of that 2.6 billion. 

For Entertainment

With thousands of YouTube video ideas for beginners out there, it will be helpful first to analyze why you’re learning how to record a YouTube video in the first place. To entertain audiences is a popular choice among creators and is why millions of people go to YouTube daily. Here are some video ideas that get a lot of viewers and will be easy to do even without experience. 

Stunts, Pranks, and Action

This category of YouTube video ranges from death-defying physical activity to generally safe, “hidden camera” pranks. It’s a prevalent category that viewers search YouTube for constantly, and there is always room for new creators to bring their own ideas. To make these good YouTube video ideas for beginners, the FlashBack screen recorder must be mentioned for its ease of use.


If you are just starting in your YouTube content creation career, you likely don’t have access to a big production budget, employees, equipment, etc. None of that is required if you have FlashBack. Any PC screen – webcam, smartphone, etc. – can be used to capture video and render it into HD or 4K, and the editing features built into the software will allow you to put it all together into something that looks professional. And that you can use smaller, handheld devices like a smartphone to record is a good thing for these types of videos. Smaller is better if you are performing fast-paced stunts or trying to conceal the camera from unsuspecting people in your pranks. 

Compilation Videos

Compilation videos are excellent YouTube video ideas for beginners. Compilation videos on YouTube get some of the most significant viewership numbers of all channels and bring a lot of potential for ad revenue. They work by compiling videos of a particular category from around the internet into one centralized location for viewers to watch. Some of the most popular types include memes, fails, freakouts, and stunts – but that is by no means a comprehensive list of what you can compile and share.


Compilations are perfect YouTube video ideas for beginners because they are one of the easiest to create. A screen recorder and video editor will make how to record a YouTube video compilation possible. The FlashBack screen recorder gives you all the tools you need for the job. FlashBack allows you to:

  • Record from any PC screen or webcam – the perfect way to compile videos others have made around the internet. You can also add your own narration and commentary from your PC or webcam’s microphone.
  • Trim and refine footage, make clips, and use other advanced editing tools.
  • Save in standard MP4 format with FlashBack Express or many others with FlashBack Pro and upload quickly to YouTube.

Personal and Perspective Videos

Your unique personality may be enough to sell viewers on your channel, and many categories fall into this niche that makes for excellent YouTube video ideas for beginners. The FlashBack screen recorder and video editor make how to record a YouTube video in this niche remarkably easy.


An introduction video is a good way for beginners to get their channel up and running. All that is needed is you – talk to the camera and explain to viewers who you are and what your channel is all about. Let your personality shine through, and your audience will instantly recognize if this is a channel for them or not.


One of the most popular types of entertainment that YouTube audiences consume is vlogs. Vlogs are all about the creator’s personality immersed in the environments they explore, showcasing to audiences their unique perspective on situations from the mundane to the extraordinary. This is also one of the most profitable channels on the YouTube platform – chances are you can name more than a few well-known vloggers. For vlogs to be thriving, you need to have an engaging personality that viewers are interested in watching. Some of the most boring circumstances are entertaining with a good vlogger, and, conversely, even the most exciting events will not be enough to make a boring vlogger appealing.


Reaction videos are an exciting niche of personal videos that shows how people can significantly impact YouTube with very little. Reaction videos usually entail the creator simply watching other videos online and giving their reaction and commentary to viewers. This is one of the best YouTube video ideas for beginners with interesting personalities because creating them is easier than you think. The picture-in-picture feature of the FlashBack screen recorder and video editor allows you to have an image of yourself and the video you are watching simultaneously – a feature that no great reaction video can go without. 


Discussing your journeys makes for plain ol’ good YouTube. Everyone loves hearing about other people’s struggles and how they overcame them, and chances are you have an inspirational story to share with others that people will want to hear. There is no one way to record a YouTube video discussing your personal journey through life, but the FlashBack screen recorder will give you plenty of editing features to tell your story however you see fit. You can add picture-in-picture, sounds, captions, zoom, blur, and transition – almost anything you would expect from a professional video with cinematic qualities. It’s best to outline how you want your video to look and then use the FlashBack software to record it. The powerful AI will intuitively help you to edit in all of the magic that will make it more memorable. 

Educational And Informational Videos

One recent study showed that over half of YouTube viewers come to the platform to learn about or how to do new things. Video is a powerful learning tool that many people engage more with than text-based mediums. Learning through visualization is a trend that will likely continue for years. You will be helping a lot of them when you choose to make anything that falls into this category of YouTube video ideas for beginners. 

Travel Videos

If you make a travel video about a popular destination, you are almost guaranteed to rack up a good number of viewers. This is especially true for places considered exotic and far away, as YouTube videos can show people what to expect better than any travel brochure. 


Travel videos on YouTube often use captions and commentary – two things that can be easily achieved with the FlashBack screen recorder and video editing software. You can use captions to inform viewers what signs in different languages say in your video, translate conversations, or even highlight things later that you forgot to mention when filming. Adding commentary will allow you to speak about locations as you show visually appealing landscapes and attractions to your audience. 

Do It Yourself and How-To Videos

If you have skills that people find helpful, share your tips and techniques and watch the viewer numbers roll in. The DIY niche is some of the most popular videos on the platform, and vast amounts of people search for help with anything from changing a tire on their cars to installing skylights in their homes every day. 


There are many things people want to see done by experts before attempting themselves or after deciding their own skills are not up to par. You can find hundreds of How-To videos on applying makeup or modifying clothing; there is always room for new creators to show a new approach. 

Product Demo Videos

With billions of viewers, YouTube is a great place to market your products to businesses and consumers. Product demo videos will showcase what problems you can solve for people and generate some of that traffic to head over to your own website. Product demo videos are excellent YouTube video ideas for beginners when you use the FlashBack screen recorder and video editor.


You don’t necessarily need to be the product’s creator to showcase it in a demo video. Many YouTubers demonstrate products they know will help their audience – sometimes even earning a commission from the manufacturer. Audiences like to search for videos showing a product in action before buying it themselves. 

Lectures and Presentations

Whether you are an educator by profession or it’s just a passion, a huge chunk of the billions of YouTube viewers will be interested in what you know on the subject. How to record a YouTube video that is a lecture or presentation someone else is giving is also easier with a screen recorder, as you can simply use your phone to capture it from beginning to end. With FlashBack, you also have a built-in video editor to refine it in several ways.


Some of the great editing functions of the FlashBack screen recorder for lectures and presentations is the ability to add captions. Captions make your YouTube video more accessible for hard-of-hearing persons or those watching in loud environments. You can also enhance any lecture or presentation with captions by highlighting essential topics you want the viewers to focus on and retain. 


If you are a teacher offering a hybrid or completely online learning environment for your students, the FlashBack screen recorder and video editor considered your needs during its development. With the growth of educators moving to the digital realm in light of the pandemic, screen recorders have grown in popularity because of their simplicity and ability to produce online learning materials for remote students quickly. The FlashBack screen recorder was built to facilitate what’s known as the “flipped” classroom.

A flipped classroom gives students video lessons to watch at home as often as they want. Students can take more time than is available in a traditional classroom to familiarize themselves with course material, and more classroom time can be devoted to interactions between groups and teachers. Video lessons allow students to become more engaged and retain a higher level of information.


Students will be much more likely to learn and engage with video lessons that the teacher has created. The FlashBack screen recorder and video editor give teachers an easy way to make high-quality video lessons that can be uploaded to a platform like YouTube, which their students likely have access to and are familiar with. You can add commentary, picture-in-picture images of yourself, highlight important text, and zoom in and out to make a professional educational video that students will enjoy watching.  

Creating Great YouTube Videos Isn’t As Hard As You Think

Beginners can be intimidated by professional-quality videos they see on YouTube and think it will take a lot of learning and money to do it themselves. But the FlashBack screen recorder and editing software allow you to create incredible videos with little investment in money and almost no time. Try to make any of the video ideas in this article to get audiences interested in your channel. Do it easily with FlashBack.