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FlashBack FAQs

I get a black space in my recording, or the entire screen is black

You’ve tried to record a program that uses video hardware acceleration. To get better performance, these applications bypass the usual methods of writing to the screen, and FlashBack cannot capture them.

There are generally 3 types of program that do this:

  • Video games – Look in the game’s video setting for a ‘Rendering’ option that you can change to ‘Software’ or a ‘Use video hardware acceleration’ option that can be disabled. Alternatively, we would suggest that you try our game recorder, FBX, which is currently free to download at
  • Web browsers – There should be a ‘Use hardware acceleration’ option that you can disable. The location of this option varies between browsers but you can find it for your browser with a quick Google search. The following article has instructions on how to do this for Firefox and Chrome:

    If it is a video being viewed in a web browser, the embedded video may have its own setting that overrides the browsers setting. If you right click on the video, a menu should appear which may have a Settings option. If it does, it will like have an ‘Enable hardware acceleration’ option in there.
  • Video players – If it is a video player like Windows Media Player or VLC, you may be able to find a setting in the Player to turn off acceleration features, or ‘overlays’. 
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