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FlashBack FAQs

Can I record just sound?

No, you must also record your screen as well.

However, if you only want the audio from your recording and you are using the Pro edition, you can export the audio to an mp3 file.

To export the audio:

  1. Go to the sound tracks at the bottom of the FlashBack Player window. At the left end of a sound track is its track name, like “PC Sounds” or “Microphone”
  2. Right click on the track name and select ‘Export Track to File’. 
  3. Enter the name and destination of the file and click Save.

Note – Only one sound track can be exported to each mp3 file so if you have multiple tracks that you would like to include together, you will first need to use the Merge Sound Tracks option in the Sound menu to merge them into a single track.

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