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FlashBack FAQs

Why is my fbr file so large?

Sometimes you might find that your saved FBR file is very large. This is most commonly caused by using GDI record mode. In particular, when using it to record moving video or video games.

Note – As of version 5.49, GDI record mode is no longer available and MPEG record mode will be used for all recordings, so the following only applies to recordings made with version 5.48 and earlier.

To create smaller FBR files, select ‘MPEG’ recording mode. Go to the Recorder settings window, the Record Mode tab and select the ‘I want to record moving video or games (MPEG mode)’ option.

A converter tool, which can convert GDI movies to smaller MPEG movies, can be downloaded from the following link: GDI2MpegConverter

To use the converter, extract the downloaded zip file to your FlashBack installation folder and then launch it using GDI2MpegConverter.exe. Select the file to be converted and enter a name for the converted file and then click the Convert button.

By converting to MPEG, the file size should be significantly reduced.

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