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FlashBack FAQs

How large will my recorded file be?

The size of the saved file while depend on a number of factors so it is difficult to accurately predict how large it will be until your actually save it.

The key factors are:

  • How long you record for
  • The size of the area that you are recording – the larger the area, the larger the saved file will be
  • Which record mode you have selected – MPEG record mode will generally produce smaller than GDI record mode, particularly when recording moving video
  • What sort of content you are recording. For example, is it a YouTube video or a static desktop? A recording with lots of changes will be much larger than a recording where very little changes on the screen.
  • What recording frame rate you selected – as frame rate is increased, so will the size of the file
  • If sound or a webcam recorded as well – these will both add to the file size compared to if they are not included.

Note – As of version 5.49, MPEG record mode will used for all recordings as GDI record mode is no longer available.

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