How to Record a YouTube Video Without a Camera

How to Record a YouTube Video Without a Camera

A fancy camera and soundstage aren’t needed to make a YouTube video. The easiest way to make a high-quality and engaging video for your YouTube channel is by using an all-in-one screen recorder and video editor. FlashBack screen recording software is available in both a free and paid version. It has everything you need for how to record a YouTube video without a camera.

You can make anything you can capture with a PC screen (and a webcam and microphone) into a video. You can then share the video on YouTube with FlashBack Screen Recorder. Some of the most popularly made utilizing our screen recording software are gaming, webinars, teaching, and similar content. This article will explain how to record a YouTube video like these and others, all with one easy-to-use software packed with advanced features. With FlashBack, you can make a more significant impact on your audience using less equipment and a smaller budget than the traditional way with cameras.


Screen Recorder and Video Editor All-in-One

Screen recording software has been around for a while now, but none can compare to the ease-of-use and advanced features of the FlashBack Screen Recorder. Our screen recorder and video editor have become an industry leader for businesses, educators, students, and anyone who wants to make videos with professional quality but lacks technical knowledge.


Our all-in-one screen recorder and video editor are designed with intuitive editing features to enable anyone to use them. It makes learning how to record a YouTube video with FlashBack simple, bringing your vision to life with only clicks of a button. 


All versions of the FlashBack Screen Recorder utilize Microsoft Certified Technology. There are as many as three different methods of recording the screen, including a capture driver that has passed Microsoft WHQL testing to produce lossless recordings with little to no impact on PC performance. System Requirements include:

Windows 7 / 8 / 10 : 32 and 64 bit versions.

Dual-core minimum, quad-core recommended.

Memory: 2Gb minimum, 4Gb recommended.


When talking about how to record a YouTube video without a camera and using instead screen recording software, there are three versions of FlashBack you should be acquainted with. Our free version is FlashBack Express. FlashBack Pro is our paid version that unlocks the full suite of powerful editing features. FlashBack FBX is designed as a gaming screen recorder.

FlashBack Express

FlashBack Express is renowned for being easy to use while also featuring many advanced editing features. It’s also free, allowing you to:

  • Record your screen webcam and sounds
  • Trim footage
  • Make clips
  • Migliorate le registrazioni con didascalie, frecce, immagini
  • Add commentary and music

FlashBack Express is a powerful screen recorder and video editor with several uses. Some of those uses will figure prominently in how to record a YouTube video without a camera, such as by making short clips and engaging video tutorials. Here is some more information on these popular types of YouTube videos and how FlashBack Express can allow yours to stand out from the crowd.

Short Clips

Making short clips to upload to YouTube can be a broad definition. Still, for this article on how to record a YouTube video utilizing the FlashBack screen recording software rather than a camera, we will focus specifically on YouTube Shorts.

YouTube Shorts are also known as vertical videos, typically shorter than 1 minute in length. YouTube Shorts can either be one video for the entire 60-second duration or be a combination of 15-second videos.


These short-run times make YouTube Shorts much more accessible to audiences, especially if they have busy lifestyles. They are most often viewed through mobile devices – a considerable segment of viewership worth targeting on its own.


FlashBack Express is a perfect screen recorder for making YouTube Shorts because you won’t need to unlock the full suite of editing features in the Pro version. YouTube even has some editing capabilities, such as adding visual effects if you want to use them. However, it is primarily crisp video content that will make your YouTube Short shine. And FlashBack Express provides it. You can capture video anywhere on your PC screen with FlashBack Express and add webcam overlays, computer audio, and microphone audio. FlashBack Express does not have all the sharing and exporting capabilities of the Pro version, but what it does have is perfect for how to record a YouTube video, as it will allow you to upload it quickly to the platform.

FlashBack Pro

You can unlock the full suite of editing capabilities when you purchase our FlashBack Pro version. You only need to pay once, and you’ll be able to use it forever. When you also buy a maintenance plan, you will receive phone and email support and significant updates to the screen recorder. We offer substantial discounts to students, educators, government entities, and non-profit organizations. 



The quality and depth of video content created with the FlashBack Pro version are astounding. Many PC cameras are comparable to cameras typically used solely for shooting video, and bringing the entire production ensemble together into a screen recorder and video editor platform has several advantages. Saving time and money are two of them. 



With studies showing that 51% of people use YouTube to learn new things, it should be no surprise that FlashBack Pro is a popular tool for how to record a YouTube video for educational purposes. Educational videos are a broad term, but one of the added benefits of FlashBack Pro and its remarkable features is perfect for creating a wide range of content. Whether you use it to create videos that teach audiences something in a traditional manner or use it to showcase to people your brand by publishing webinars and other company events, this is your go-to screen recording software for all things educational.


Webinars are a kind of online get-together hosted by companies and organizations. In the post-pandemic era, webinars are growing in popularity as a safer way for people to assemble. Businesses can take advantage of them to attract new audiences to their brand. FlashBack Pro has comprehensive time frame editing features. You can incorporate this into your webinars by adding all types of engaging content that will keep audiences engaged and tuned in for more extended periods. You can also record anywhere with the Pro screen recorder and video editor, including area, fullscreen, and window modes.


Recording a YouTube video with teaching content is much simpler with FlashBack Pro. The robust capabilities of our full editing suite include the ability to add captions and arrows to highlight important parts of your video and audio commentary. Not only is quickly uploading your video content created with FlashBack Pro directly to YouTube a cinch, but you also have several other exporting capabilities, including MP4, AVI, GIF, and more. Virtually anyone with a PC or mobile device can view your creation.

The Flipped Classroom

A flipped classroom is a concept that more educators realize the potential of every day. A flipped classroom utilizes video lessons that students watch at home as many times as needed. Class time is better spent interactively with the teacher and in small groups, problem-solving and exploring content further.


YouTube is a widely used platform, making it a perfect location to post videos for students to watch at home and outside of the classroom. And before you decide to find pre-existing videos on YouTube related to the content you are teaching, you should consider that students are much more receptive to videos made by their teacher. How to record a YouTube video using screen recording software is also a lot less daunting than it initially seems.


If you need help deciding to do it, you should download a free trial of FlashBack Pro and see how much of a difference it can make for your students. We recommend that you start by creating short, easy-to-digest videos to keep them attentive and engaged. Open up FlashBack Pro, make sure the ‘Record Sound’ box is ticked, and choose the microphone option from the drop-down window. You can choose to record your whole screen or click and drag to define an area to record. Press the red button to start. To stop recording, press Shift+Ctrl+S.


After you have finished with your easy recording and editing, you can play it back and make further edits or enhancements to it if you want. If you’re happy with the finished results, you can share immediately or export your video to any of the following formats: MP4, Flash, QuickTime, AVI, GIF, and Windows Media Video. If you plan to share your video on YouTube, we recommend MP4.

FlashBack FBX

FlashBack FBX is a free gaming screen recorder that you can download from a link at the bottom of our FlashBack Express page.


64% of the population 13 years or older play video games, and some of the most viewed channels on YouTube today are gaming content. Our FlashBack FBX is ideally suited for recording and editing your gaming content to add to YouTube, with plenty of advanced features, including:

  • High-performance lag-free HD capture
  • Fast, no-fuss clip editing
  • Personalizza i video con adesivi, FX, GIF, suoni

Screen overlay is a prominent feature of most popular gaming channels you see on YouTube and elsewhere. People enjoy watching the player’s reactions as they play games. There are also more possibilities for adding instructional content for viewers to engage with and learn from when you have a picture in a picture. The FlashBack screen recorder and video editor allow you to capture images from multiple screens and put them together in the editing phase. Take your gaming content to the highest level by utilizing FlashBack FBX for your YouTube channel, and you will see a higher level of audience engagement.


The fast, no-fuss clip editing ability of the FlashBack FBX screen recording software comes from its intuitiveness. You do not need any technical skill or knowledge when operating your FlashBack screen recorder and video editor products. The FlashBack Screen Recorder will display the most relevant options as you work. You can learn more about each option and how to use Express or Pro in more detail on our Help and Support page.

FlashBack SDK

FlashBack SDK is the easiest way to add screen recording, playback, and editing to your applications. Besides gaining the market’s most powerful and easy-to-use screen recording software across all of your applications that you can upload to YouTube, you receive great technical support when purchasing FlashBack SDK. Purchase FlashBack SDK screen recorder and receive a year’s technical support via phone or email from our team.

Simple to Use, Advanced Features

YouTube is a great place to gain exposure for you and your brand. The FlashBack Screen Recorder offers one of the smoothest user experiences from an all-in-one screen recorder and video editor. The ability to record from a PC screen and add commentary, narration, and other valuable tools to increase audience engagement makes the FlashBack Screen Recorder the best option for creating educational videos – one of the most searched categories on YouTube. Try FlashBack today!