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Silent Installation

If you need to perform a ‘silent’ or unattended install with no user input, you can do that using command line parameters.

<installer name>.exe /S “/D=<path to install to>” /nodriver

The /nodriver parameter means the ‘capture driver’ will not be installed. The driver is not required for full operation of FlashBack. It just improves performance on older PCs.

If you are using FlashBack Pro and also want to pre-install the licence, you need to copy an XML file we supply to a particular folder. Contact us with your licence details for the XML file.

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Can I disable the automatic check for updates?

By default, the first time you run FlashBack each day it will check to see if a new version is available for download. If an update is found, it will be downloaded in the background.

You can disable the check for new updates by doing the following:

  1. Start the Recorder
  2. Click Settings
  3. Go to the Updates / Privacy tab
  4. Untick the ‘Automatically check for updates once a day’ option.
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Can I set a default save location?

When you save a recording at the end of a recording session, FlashBack simply remembers where you saved to and will default to that location next time.

So if you always want to save to the same location, you only need to choose that location the first time you save. All future recordings will continue to be saved there until you choose a different location.

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I have limited disk space. Can I change where temp files are saved?

While you are recording, FlashBack will need somewhere to temporarily store your recording. By default it will be C:Users\AppDataLocalTempFlashBackTemp.

If you only have limtied space available on your C: drive (if it is a small SSD, for example), you can select a new location by doing the following:

  1. Start the Recorder
  2. Click Settings
  3. Go to the Misc. tab
  4. Under the Temp Folder heading, enable the ‘Use custom folder’ option and then select the new location.
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Can I save to an external hard drive?

The default folder is “BB FlashBack Movies” but you can browse to any drive/folder on your machine, including an external hard disk drive.

However, we strongly advise that you only save to local drives and not to network drives, as this can cause issues when saving that may lead to corruptions in your file.

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I have upgraded from FlashBack Express to FlashBack Pro. What do I do next?

FlashBack has separate installations for each edition to allow users to install different editions side-by-side on the same PC.

Since FlashBack licence keys are specific for a particular edition, this means that you will then to install the edition that you have upgraded to. For example, if you upgrade from FlashBack Express to FlashBack Pro 5, you will need to install FlashBack Pro 5.

If you log into your account at, you can download any edition of FlashBack that you have a valid licence for from the Download Product page – this will automatically update to display the correct links specifically for you.Once you have installed the version that you have upgraded to , you will be prompted to enter your licence key when you first run FlashBack.

(Note – when upgrading a version 1 – 4 licence, you will be issued a new licence key but for version 5 and onwards, the existing licence key will continue to be used)

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